News Bulletins  

From time to time over the past few years IDEST has created News Bulletins when there was a need to pass on crucial information to test centre technicians.

In 2017 IDEST created quarterly news bulletins entitled 'IDEST Torque'.  These are listed below and contain relevant information for test centre technicians.

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 IDEST Torque May 2017
This issue includes feedback from The Dive Ireland Show and The Great Northern Dive Show, complaints procedure, what to look for on your calibration certificates and a significant court decision from the Canary Islands.


 IDEST Torque August 2017
Issue No 2 covers ensuring you maintain the required IDEST standard, information about shore hardness, job sheets content, Dive Team valve spares availability and several other topics.


 IDEST Torque November 2017
In this issue of Torque we discuss oval thread gauges that are on the market, the definition of 'cuts and gouges', a reminder about your renewal date commitments and the proposed new standard  ISO 18119.


 IDEST Torque February 2018

 This is a bumper issue with plenty of important information and notices in the five pages it contains.  A lot of the information is coming to us from test centres concerned about what they are finding.  It is important that all IDEST centres work to the same high standards.


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