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IDEST offers a range of training courses for anyone wishing to extend their knowledge of cylinder inspection and testing.  The courses start with a course that teaching the assessment of cylinders externally and progresses through to the full testing of composite cylinders.

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Visual Assessment Course (VAC)

This course is aimed primarily at dive centre staff who are engaged in the filling of cylinders, however, it would be quite suitable for members of a dive club which owns a compressor.  It deals with the external assessment of cylinders and the determination as to whether the cylinder is safe to fill.

Technician Inspection Course Part 1 (TIC1)

This course is aimed at dive centre staff wishing to learn more about the inspection of diving cylinders.  It progresses the inspection to the internal surfaces of the cylinder thus covering the removal of cylinder valves and the correct method of replacing and torqueing the valve back into the cylinder.

Technician Inspection Course Part 2 (TIC2)

This course continues the education of the technician by covering the next stage after inspection which is the testing of diving cylinders.  It concentrates on the hydraulic testing of cylinders and the use of different testing methods.

Composite Cylinder Course (CCC)

The Composite Cylinder Course is for test centre technicians who have been active in the trade for a while and have a suitable amount of experience in the inspection and testing of cylinders.  The principles are much the same as testing standard steel and aluminium cylinders but additional knowledge is needed to deal with cylinders of a composite structure.

IMCA Dive Technician Course (IMCA)

The Offshore Industry operates to a different Code of Practice for the inspection and testing of diving and breathing gas cylinder.  The CoP is D018 and calls for six-monthly internal inspections and pressure testing every four years.  To cater for dive technicians working in the Offshore Industry, IDEST has designed this inspection course specifically for these technicians.  It covers all aspects contained in the IDEST Technician Inspection Course Part 1 as well as details concerning CoP D018.

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